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MSA Oxygen/Carbon Monoxide/Hydrogen Sulfide/Sulfur Dioxide/Nitrogen Dioxide ALTAIR® North American Version QuickCheck Station With Automatic Regulator For Use With ALTAIR® Pro Single Gas Detector

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The ALTAIR® QuickCheck Station is designed to quickly and economically test ALTAIR® and ALTAIR® Pro single gas detectors, verifying the instruments’ response to gas as well as the functionality of the alarms. The instruments themselves will record the time, date and results of the test in their built-in event logs. The ALTAIR Detector records 25 events; the ALTAIR Pro Detector records 50. The Station is compatible with all 3 ALTAIR Detector versions (CO, H2S & O2) and with ALTAIR Pro O2, H2S, CO, CO Fire, CO Steel Detectors. Available in manual and automatic versions